ProBiotein is all natural, high in protein, and high in prebiotic fiber.

Bones and Skin

Calcium absorption from a variety of sources, can help keep your bones strong, to avoid the condition known as osteoporosis.

ProBiotein - GI tract regulates calcium uptake

Mineral Uptake

But dietary calcium can only help strengthen your bones, if it's absorbed and delivered properly. Uptake of minerals like calcium, amino acids and vitamins by your digestive system, is in part dependent upon a normally functioning GI tract. With a more permeable or "leaky" gut, your system may not absorb the nutrients it needs, including calcium.

Foreign Bodies

In fact, not only can leaky gut cause a deficiency of calcium, it may also allow undigested food molecules to directly enter the bloodstream. If these incompletely digested molecules are proteins – like dairy products – they may then come under attack from your immune system as foreign bodies, potentially causing inflammatory reactions. Ultimately, these can show up as food allergies and a variety of autoimmune diseases.

pH Buffering

Loss of calcium can occur when the overall pH of your body lowers, which indicates that it is becoming more acidic. To combat this acid load, your body may pull calcium out of your bones to very effectively buffer the pH back up to healthy levels, so your systems can function normally. While this use of calcium can remedy your pH problem temporarily, it can also cause long-term issues of calcium depletion.

Osteoporosis, Starches, Sugars

Starches and sugars may contribute to an increased acid load in your body. So do some forms of protein. But plant protein, like that found in ProBiotein, seems not to. Additionally, through fermentation, ProBiotein has had its starches removed, and its proteins concentrated. By keeping your uptake of calcium working optimally, adding plant protein with starches removed that don't acidify your system, ProBiotein may help in the daily battle against osteoporosis.